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Subject: The Education Of Joshua, part 6THE EDUCATION OF JOSHUA
Part 6This story may contain fictional depictions of intimate encounters between
an adult and minors. Please check your laws and statutes in your local
area before you continue, or if you disagree with this type of story or
encounter, read no further, leave this site and story now.
In retrospect, little young virgin although Joshua has grown a few years beyond this story, I
do remember a time when the cuteness of his innocence, the extreme
qualities that he had being a boy that made him so lovable, and his
awakening to the fact that he was not just a kid anymore all lent
themselves to this story.Josh (for short) never lost the silvery blonde color of his hair, he didn't
outgrow his blonde as so many of us did as we got older. It was alway a
total killer blonde, and it didn't matter whether he had it short and
spikey, or longish, the wind alway blew across it like the wind across a
wheat field. I am not a hair guy, really, but geeze this kid's hair was
truly beautiful. AND did I mention his smile? Man, talk about the 100
Kilowatt smile. Josh had features on his face that could be considered to
be smallish, youngs pussy but not small, and that included his neat, small angled nose
and mouth. His eyes were deep sky blue, and MAN could they twinkle. The
eye twinkle and his 100 KW smile together were enough to send me to another
world.Now, let's get something straight here. Maybe some boylovers are only
after getting close to a kid so they can feel their crank, talk the kid
into doing the same for them, doing this for as long as they can and still
get away with it, and not care too awfully much about what happens to the
kid, say, in school. Or with his friends. Or later in life. And maybe
that isn't a boylover at all, at least it isn't in my book. But Josh was
one of those kids where I was just interested, period.Sure he was cute. Killer.Sure he had the most outstanding eyes, smile, hair, etc.Sure he was just coming around to his sexuality, and interaction with
another or others.All that made it just the better, because Josh was cool. He was a cool
kid, period.One day his dad was having a BBQ and it was a great summer day, just right
for horseshoes, a couple cold beers, tossing burgers and dogs on the fire,
laying in the sun, swimming in the 3' pool out back, etc. Josh was
swimming, and I was laying in the sun after a couple beers and horseshoe
rounds. Josh and his brother Chris were playing hard, trying not to drown
each other in the pool. Of course, several warnings from dad helped avert
the savage brother dunkings that could have been witnessed.Josh kept splashing me to get me to chase him into the pool, and I lasted
as long as I could, and then I bolted outta my lounge chair and popped into
the pool. Josh crawled onto my back at once, being now a LOT taller than
his younger brother Chris, who was splashing away at us. We had great fun.
Josh kept moving around, splashing back at Chris, but all the "friction"
kept working at his young boy member on my back, and pretty soon he was not
in any shape to get out of the pool, if you get my drift. He laffed at it,
but kept rubbing back and forth splashing water at Chris, which of course
didn't allow for any deflation whatsoever. I didn't think he would take it
too far, which he didn't, but we had to get outta the pool sooner or later.
By now I had a boner, too."Josh," his dad yelled, "you been in that pool all day, will you get outta
there and get dried off and go get the buns for me?""Yeah, ok," Josh replied, and he gallery julianna young slid off my back and made his way slowly
to the pool edge, pulling his way out slower still."Josh, if you go any slower you'll be able to use the burgers for street
hockey," his dad joked.Josh got out, and by now he was flaccid enough to not tell he had been
stiff. But I was a different matter."Come on," Josh called to me.I kinda made a face at him, and he got it. I was still pretty erect."Here," Josh said and he threw me a towel, purposely a bit low so that it
hit the water and got wet, my having no chance to catch it."JOSH!" his dad yelled crossly, "you just got his towel all wet, what did
you do that for?""He needed a towel, I tried to throw it up enough...." he defended weakly."Aw, it's ok, it's still hot out and it'll dry off soon enough. No
problem, really," I pleaded.Josh had saved me embarassment and had sorta sacrificed himself to do it."I'll get you a towel from your house, Michael, I'll be right back," Josh
offered."Hey Josh, really, no problem, I was gonna go change out into some dry
shorts and a t-shirt anyway. If I don't get legal young thumbs some kind of shirt on, I will
burn up!" I helped.Josh took off running toward my house."Back in minute" I said, as I left to go next door to my house.I went into my young exotic girls house, and padded into my room to change clothes.Huh?Where was Josh? I thought he had come in before me?I peeled my clothes off little young virgin and went to take a pee before putting on some dry
shorts.As I was peeing, I mused, hmmmm, I'll bet young girls nonnudes Josh is hiding......................and I didn't even finish the thought when he leaped out of the
shower and yelled "HEY!" and then totally cracked up.I think I peed on everything BUT the toilet. Josh laughed at me and
cracked up even worse. "You peed on the floor!" nudist young girls
he kept repeating,
laughing all the harder."GEEZE, Josh!"He was even cute when he was being a little prankster! He had SUCH a cute
laugh!"Hey, Josh?""What?""Thanks. For over at the pool.""Yeah, it's ok," and he looked down a bit.He hated to be yelled at, but he had done it for me."Hey, bud, thanks. I mean it," I repeated.I let it be, and pulled on some boxers. He slowly came over to me, still
in his now dry swim trunks and gave me a huge hug. I returned the favor,
hugging him caringly and giving him a soft peck on young girls bikini top of his head. Damn,
even tousled this kid's blonde hair looked....... sexy! Geeze!"Dang, Josh! You naturists young dvd
give the BEST hugs!""So do you," he replied, his head still buried in my chest."No, I mean it Josh. Your hugs just melt me. It makes me wanna not let
go. Not ever."He looked up naturists young dvd at me, a little serious, "Michael, for real, so DO YOU."I kissed him on the forehead, and said, "Thanks."He buried his head again, and didn't let loose for a long time."OK, bud, we'd better show back up at the pool and eats party right about
now. teens sex young
Whaddya say?" I said.Josh nodded, "Yeah, I guess so." He pried himself loose."Can I come back over later, and maybe we can watch a movie or something?""Anytime, buddy, anytime.""Cool!"And we were off back to his dad's cookout.Boy, some days the simple old burgers cooked on the grill taste better than
all the other hamburgers you've ever eaten in your life, and it doesn't
have to do with any one thing. It is just that maybe you haven't eaten in
a few hours, it is hot, you're relaxing, younger nudists you've had a nice cold beer, the
BBQ smell has been wafting around for about an hour, and MAN those patties
taste so good. And this was one of those times. Josh was more of a hot
dog guy, and he at a couple with some chips and some Hawaiian Punch. I had
my second (or was it my third?) beer.You know, it isn't even that I sit around and wonder when Josh and I would
get intimate again. It was sorta understood that we would do this
occasionally, not all the time, not too long between times. And it didn't
have to be every time we had the opportunity to be alone. It was so cool.
And I could look at his younger brother......... Chris, and
just................ admire him for being the boy that he was, and not
really think that gee............ maybe someday he............... will do
whatever with me again. Sure, sure, I got those
thoughts................ once in a while, but it wasn't........... an
ongoing lust sorta thing................."Michael? Michael? Are you snoozin'?" Josh poked at my ribs."Huh? No, uh, no. I was just thinking...." young boys nudism I tried to recoup some face."About what, a chainsaw?" he laughed."Uh, ok, you got me. Just such good food, nice sun......." I defended
lazily."..........and three beers" Josh recounted.He giggled. "I am supposed 12yo young pics to take care of you, too, right?"I looked around to be sure no one was listening to this conversation,
"Yeah, but if I go past three beers you are supposed to only count to three
anyway...."."Shuttup" he laughed, "come on, get up and lets throw the football."He loved to go out for passes. We did this for about an hour, and were
both pooped. GOSH! I was still full from my burger outting!"So, we gonna watch a movie tonight?" Joshy asked."Sure, whaddya wanna watch?""How about Independence Day? I haven't seen that in a long time," he
suggested."Sure! Sounds great to me, I love that movie!" and so the evenings
proceedings were set.I was just coming in the back door of my house from emptying the trash when
I heard a knock at the front door."Who is it?" I half yelled."Men in Black" he strutted, showing off some sunglasses. So Cute!!!"How's it going?" I asked."Aw, pretty good. Dad's conked out from cooking and drinking beers,
everyone else went over to grandma's house to visit and to eat some pie.""Cool," I responded.Josh scratched his legs, arms, and stomach."Hey, didn't you take a shower after your were in the chlorine pool water?"
I asked.He shook his head."Wanna guess why your body is itchy?" I smiled.His eyes twinkled and he got that 20 yard wide smile, and he slid over youngest legal sex to
me and gave me the biggest hug, "Can we take women young masturbating a shower together again?""Yeah, if you're sure we have the time.""I'm sure. They won't be back from grandma's for h-o-u-r-s" Josh said,
rolling his eyes.Even thought it was a warm young adult gallery night, we had a nice hot, steamy shower.
Nothing special, just scrubbed each other, talked a bit, joked, and enjoyed
each others' company."Michael," Josh started, "how do you kiss someone?""What do you mean, Josh?""I mean, how do you do it? I mean, I know how to kiss my mom and stuff,
but what about a KISS. How do you do that?" he asked."Well, the kiss is different depending on how you feel. Different kisses
mean different things, depending on how they were delivered," I explained."Like how?" he asked."Well, for instance, if I say, Goodbye Josh, and just give you a little
peck on your head, kinda like this (((peck))), you can kinda tell what it
means, right?""Yeah.""And if I give you a kiss like this (((smooch!))) on the top of your head,
it feels different to you, and you can tell it was meant differently,
right?""Yeah," he continued."And if I give you a kiss like this (((big passionate smooch))) on your
lips (((yes, I did!))), it definitely feels different to you, AND you can
tell it was meant REAL differently.""WOW! How did you do that?! That was cool!" he blushed, was SO cute.
And THEN I noticed his boyhood, standing at 100% attention.Followed by my own!We discussed it for a few minutes, and he said, "Ok, can I try?""Uh, sure. Go ahead. You let me know what you want me to do...""Ok, here's a good bye kiss, lean over, ok?" and I did, and he gave me a
nice small peck on my temple."Ok," I said."Ok, and here's a good night kiss from me to you," and he young nudity pictures stepped over and
kissed me squarely on the chest, letting his soft body come in contact with
my frontally. It was a longer kiss, but not passionate."Ok," I said again."And here's my real kiss to you," and he pulled me over, and kissed me on
the lips, long and firm, but totally young porn gallarie gentle, it lasted probably longer than
Ben Hur. "I've wanted to do that for awhile, I just women young masturbating didn't know how" he
said."My God, Josh. You totally blew me away," I sputtered."No no," he said, "there's one more" and with that he knelt down and gave
me japan young teens the biggest, wettest, longest and most passionate kiss my dick has EVER
had, followed young nudity pictures by a VERY passionate tongue and bobbing motion of his head.
"Oh Josh! Oh, Oh, Oh!" and he let the first part of my sperm young girls fotos hit in his
mouth, and then he pulled me out and kissed the top of my shaft as he
jacked youngest beastiality
me off, letting decorate my shower wall."Josh, I think you have the kissing thing down JUST right, every one of
them" I panted.He smiled his big ole darned smile with the absolute best twinkle in those
blue eyes, "Thanks!""Joshy, your call. What is your young japan pussy favorite way to cum. You get your choice
of whatever way you want it done."Same big smile, same killer twinkle."Same way," he said, "cuz I like the look on your face when I cum, and I
like to see you having fun making me feel good.""Done deal," I said, turning off the shower.I dried him off, and he headed to the bedroom, and I toweled myself off as
I entered the bedroom.He was beneath the covers of the bed, with a slightly obvious "tent"
quality to the blankets around the middle of the bed.I crawled up under the covers from the foot end of the bed, and ran my
hands up his legs to his hips, and then down slowly to his waiting penis.
He cried out a little when I touched him, and he lowered the covers so he
could see me. "I wanna cum real bad, Michael" he urged. "I know," I said,
"don't worry, you've got the right man for the job." He laughed, and I
began stroking his legs, stomach, and genitals.I engulfed his boyhood, coming to the top and licking it like and ice cream
and then back down all the way to the base, all the while fondling his
balls, and pressing my index finger against his butthole. I wet my finger
and slid it gently in, and moaned more than softly on that one!I found his magic inner button, and stroked it ever so slightly, matching
the stroking to my up and down pulsing on his dick.He was about 96% of the way there, and I kissed him long and hard on his
stomach, and then his chin. He just smiled, and then urged me back down to
where he needed me then the most. I plunged in and jacked him with one
hand, massaged his prostate with the other, and bobbed for dear life."OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" he bucked up hard, arching his back markedly, "AW
DANG! OH! OH! OH! OH!" and he was spurting his boyseed in volumes, none
of which I missed. He watched me the whole time, sucking him, swallowing,
and resting my head on his privates when he was done."Michael?""Yeah?""Do you know it's only been 28 minutes since I came over here?"We must've laughed loud enough to wake the dead, and sounded like crazy
people."Really?""No, just kidding!" he teased, and treated me to the smile which I will
never forget as long as I live.And to one of his patented killer young animal fuckers
hugs that totally freeze my muscles and
makes them not want to move away from this boy."You know," I teased back, "if you didn't kiss so well I'd have to toss you
out for such behavior.""I thought it was my hugs you liked so much?" he countered."I haven't decided. There are several things you do pretty well," I said.And I don't think I ever decided which one of them I liked the most.*******************************Hope you liked the story. You can write with comments to me at
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